Eastern Landscaping Service

Landscaping’s effect on property value starts right from the curb. Exteriors of commercial properties are highly visible to the public, not just to the occupants. An attractive and well-presented outside presence automatically suggests an equally impressive interior. Properly landscaped properties invite higher visits and more traffic.  Proper landscaping by Eastern Services and proper maintenance are highly important factors for positioning every building in its marketplace. Buildings that look nice will retain occupants, reduce turnover and are much easier to fill when a vacancy occurs.


Through our Landscape Services Division, Eastern brings a total facility maintenance approach to your property. Eastern delivers a comprehensive maintenance program customized to fit each properties needs and budget. Your turf, trees, shrubs and flowers are in good hands when our highly trained personnel are on your property. Our natural approach to landscape maintenance is designed to work with nature not against it, be that pruning your trees and shrubs in the correct manner at the proper time of year or selecting the right annual flowers to best suit your specific needs. We target our program to your properties unique needs and environment.


Eastern provides the experience and capacity to handle any size hardscape and planting projects. From a multifamily development to an entire corporate center, we apply the same attention and detail in order to complete the project on-time and per plans and specifications. Expert in hardscape construction, site work, grading, drainage, tree installation and ornamental plantings, coupled with our broad knowledge of industry standards, result in the continued success we bring to our clients and their projects.