How to Return to Work and Keep Employee Health in Mind
July 14, 2020 In news

Return to Work Safely by Following These Cleaning Guidelines

If your office space or commercial facility has remained unoccupied during the pandemic, your employees’ health and safety will be vital to starting and maintaining smooth operations. As a business owner, you should implement several health precautions, such as a rotational schedule and updating sick day policies. However, a necessary deep cleaning should be done by the hands of a professional.

Here are the cleaning guidelines you need to know to help your employees safely return to work.

Set Up A Custom Cleaning Routine

Many commercial cleaning crews will come in, disinfect and sanitize, and leave. How can one routine be sure to work for every space? The short answerit can’t! As an employer, you must ensure your office is being treated in the best way possible. Work with a professional team that evaluates your space first, creates a list of practices to follow and equipment to use, and effectively implements this routine every time.

What’s more, any thorough deep clean procedure should be assessed by a certified industrial hygienist.

What Is A Certified Industrial Hygienist?

An industrial hygienist can test environments for health risks, hazards, safety, and more. First, one must be certified through education, experience, and examination. Here’s a look at the scope of services a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) can offer.

  • Recognize and test the environment for health hazards
  • Determine if there is a risk to human health in a particular situation and recommend a means of protection from the recognized health hazard
  • Assist in developing worker protection plans, perform audits, and educate and train management and workers

A certified industrial hygienist can work with your cleaning crew to create a custom routine and evaluate the performance level of those professional services.

How Your Business Can Utilize A CIH

Instead of taking time away from running your business to scout and hire a certified industrial hygienist, work with a professional commercial cleaner who already partners with a CIH. Eastern Services is offering a complete cleaning program, approved and regularly inspected by a third-party CIH. Let’s review this process.

  1. A third-party Certified Industrial Hygienist will develop a customized sanitation plan for your facility
  2. Eastern Services is awarded a CIH-signed certification after the CIH plans are adopted
  3. Experienced OSHA technicians perform periodic inspections, and CIH-signed inspection certifications are presented to Eastern Services

By regularly enlisting a CIH-approved cleaning service, your office will remain in top health and safety conditions. Your employees’ minds will also be at ease knowing there are professionals taking care of their well-being. Get in touch with Eastern Services to discuss how your facility can set up its certified industrial hygienist cleaning program today!