Spring Office Carpet Cleaning
April 13, 2020 In news

3 Reasons Why Spring is the Season of Office Carpet Cleaning

We all know as warm months approach, spring cleaning follows. However, whereas many stop with cleaning out closets and reorganizing underutilized spaces in their homes, this season is also a great time to carry that refreshed spirit into your place of work. After a long winter of trekking in debris, mud, dirt, snow, and ice, revive your office’s carpet to a freshened state.

Fortunately for you, there are professional services for hire that specialize in commercial cleaning. Restoring your office’s carpet can bring comfort and a renewed appearance. Here are the top three reasons you should be focused on hiring an office carpet cleaning service this spring!

Eliminate Dust, Dander, and Allergies

Along with spring cleaning, it is also allergy season. Carpets are susceptible to capture dust, dander, and various allergens. Between walking and overhead fans, it’s possible for these particles to become airborne again. The best practice to combat this is by routine carpet cleaning that, in turn, will create an improved air quality in your office.

Prevent Bacteria, Germ, and Mold

Similar to airborne particles, bacteria and germs can hide in the fibers of carpets. Professional cleaning equipment has the power to penetrate deeply into every bit of a carpet to lift out all of the unhygienic pollutants. Additionally, this process will remove moisture and, therefore, prevent the growth of mold, which cannot develop in dry conditions.

Restore Carpet Color and Texture

The most valuable aspect of any office is having a modern, fresh space that showcases updated functions and design. A dull, flat carpet is a sure way to repel customers and discourage employee morale. Through steam cleaning applications, persistent stains can now become a thing of past. This will also allow for the carpet’s true color and texture to be restored, giving the appearance of having installed a brand new carpet!

Are you ready to bring spring cleaning to the next level with a professional, commercial cleaning company? Get in touch with the specialists at Eastern Services for a custom routine that fits your office’s needs.