Commercial Janitorial Practices 101
May 11, 2020 In news

4 Practices Your Janitorial Team Should Be Following

As an employer, it’s crucial to hold your commercial cleaning company to high standards, such as advanced techniques, superior results, and overall quality service. Whether you are evaluating a potential hire or your current provider, here’s everything your janitorial team should be getting right.

  1. People and processes. Arguably the most critical factor of your janitorial services is the team! Ensuring the company has thoroughly completed proper hiring verifications on all prospects, such as interviews and background checks, is essential. It’s best to inquire about their hiring process as well as the training every staff member must undergo. The frequency of these practices is especially important to ensure your office is being treated by only the best.
  2. Upfront pricing and treatment. Since “janitorial services” is a bit of an umbrella term, you’ll want to know the specifics of what your contract includes and for what price. Specialty services may be available for an additional fee. There also should be no hidden fees or conditions you do not understand. Some companies will work with you to produce a cleaning treatment specific to your space that fulfills all of your janitorial needs and remains within your budget.
  3. Clear and consistent communication. It’s essential that your janitorial company cares about what you want, not just getting a job done. Being able to communicate about your needs and any necessary changes is vital to a healthy professional relationship. There should be an outlined list of tasks that are required, routinely completed, and reported back to you.
  4. Commitment to health and safety. While this may seem like an obvious factor, some companies will go above and beyond to ensure your space is being taken care of properly. They will use environmentally friendly products, advanced technology and equipment, and up to date techniques. When your janitorial team leaves, you should never feel there’s still more to be done. The results should be impeccable!

Ready for the Next Step?

Above all, you want to make sure you are working with a team that delivers results for your employees, company, and yourself. The experts at Eastern Services are sure to provide you with excellent janitorial services from an experienced and knowledgeable staff. We work with every client to create a unique cleaning program that is specific to the needs of your office. Get in touch with us today to discover how why Eastern Services is the right janitorial team for you!