How to Be Sure Your Office Cleaner is Properly Disinfecting
August 12, 2020 In news

8 Tips for Using Office Cleaner Disinfectants to Stop Spreading Germs

Offices have highly-trafficked hot spots where the passing of germs happens more easily. Unfortunately, these surfaces are not always cleaned as often as they should be. Creating a healthy work environment will allow employees to do their work more efficiently, increase productivity, and, of course, lessen the risk of passing illnesses.

Follow these eight tips on the best practices for using office cleaner disinfectants!

  1. Clean surfaces with soap and water first. Using soap and water will reduce the number of germs, dirt, and impurities. Use a disinfectant afterward to kill germs.
  2. Get into a daily cleaning routine. Cleaning daily can quickly become a habit of your employees end-of day-routine. It will keep their own space clean, as well as shared spaces. To maximize these efforts, partner with a commercial cleaning company for a deep weekly cleaning.
  3. Be aware of office hot spots. Any areas that are frequently used or shared in the office should be regularly disinfected. These surfaces include doorknobs, light switches, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, and more.
  4. Increase internal communication. Be transparent with your employees about the precautions being implemented, including what products will be used.
  5. Wear protective gear when cleaning. Gloves, masks, and gowns may be necessary to protect employees, especially when working with harsh chemicals.
  6. Use proper wipe etiquette. When using disinfectant wipes, remember to clean only one item at a time. Wipes are ideal for larger items, such as desks. Leave the surface wet for at least four minutes for the disinfectant to completely take effect.
  7. Maintain healthy air quality. Using disinfectants can present strong odors and emit harsh chemicals. All areas should be properly ventilated when cleaning. Airing out an office space by opening windows and doors and using fans can also help to slow the spread of germs.
  8. Make cleaning agents accessible. Disinfectants, soap, and hand sanitizer should be provided to every employee. Increasing accessibility to cleaning agents can encourage their use.

How Can a Professional Cleaning Company Help Your Office?

Daily cleaning with disinfectants should not be overlooked or taken lightly. These practices are essential to keeping a healthy and safe office. However, a professional cleaning company has access to agents and technologies for a true deep clean. For example, a spray system can clean surfaces faster, more efficiently, and reach hard-to-access areas. Together, your cleaning crew and office can create a complementing routine. Get in touch with the trusted professionals at Eastern Services to set up a cleaning service today!