Why Fall Cleaning is Essential to Your NJ Commercial Building
September 8, 2020 In news

4 Reasons Your Office Should Endure a Fall Cleaning

Have you heard of a deep fall cleaning? As offices are becoming full of pumpkin-spice-everything, adjusting to a change of season may be overlooked. However, it’s vital to the health of an office, especially since it means spending more time indoors. Taking seasonal precautions and receiving routine service can have some serious benefits for your employees.

Let’s take a look at four reasons your office should endure a fall cleaning.

1. Cold and Flu Season is Rapidly Approaching

October is the start of cold and flu season, and your office space may be unknowingly spreading germs. Implementing and encouraging sick days will be the first step in stopping the spread of illness. Daily cleanings of work areas should also be reinforced. The best thing you could do for your office is hiring a professional cleaning service to come clean weekly as they have access to incredible disinfectants and spray technology.

2. Temperatures are Dropping

As the temperatures leave the highs of summers and dip into the lows of fall, your office will surely keep the windows and doors closed. While this may keep everyone a bit warmer, it will also decrease ventilation and increase dirt and dust. Unhealthy particles may be lingering in the air. By enlisting professional help, the air quality in your office can vastly improve.

3. There Will be Increasing Inclement Weather

Cold temperatures mean the arrival of snow and slush. Whether your office sports carpet or hardwood floor, the damages of water and grime can be unbecoming. A cleaning service should be implemented to avoid allergens, dust, and bacteria from building up. A professional can ensure all unwanted particles are out of your flooring.

4. Office Hot Spots Will Attract More Germs

More time indoors means more time to attract germs on and around office hot spots. These frequently touched surfaces include computers, desks, phones, and coffee pots. Daily disinfecting and sanitizing should be the minimum practices your office employs. A commercial cleaner should come in routinely to properly deep clean these surfaces.

Fall Cleaning Services for Your Office

It’s clear—a professional cleaning company is needed for a true fall cleaning. A cleaning service will safeguard your office’s health this season from using certified disinfectants and technology to having a routine schedule and communication. Working with Eastern Services will be the additional support your office and employee needs. Contact us today to discuss our routine services!