Your Summer Clean Up Checklist
June 16, 2020 In news

4 Essential Janitorial Services for Your Summer Clean Up

As spring de-clutter and reorganization season comes to an end, summer brings a wave of deep cleaning. With this change comes an opportunity to safeguard your office’s health and create a fresh, clean slate for your employees. They will feel cared for and appreciated when the time comes to ensure their space is clean and free of germs.

Follow our top 4 essential janitorial services for your office summer clean up this year!

Disinfect Office Hot Spots

In the summer, water coolers, refrigerators, and outdoor furniture may be used more often. To prevent spreading germs, these surfaces should be sanitized regularly. A professional cleaning crew, such as Eastern Services, is equipped with spray technology that allows for a faster application and is able to reach even the toughest spots.

Deep Clean Carpets and Upholstery

Carpets especially take on a bit more wear and tear. From dirt and dead skin cells to dust and bacteria, your carpets and upholstery are surely in need of a deep clean. This process, such as steam cleaning, will clean out any mold, dust particles, pollen, and other allergens to increase your office’s air quality.

Wash and Restore All Windows

Picture this, a potential client is walking up to your building and sees the front glass littered with streak marks and pollen. Routinely cleaning your windows will give the right first impression and shows you take the time to create a sparkling appearance. After all, it is summer, and you want those glorious sun rays to be shining through your windows.

Power Wash Exterior Surfaces

Similar to window washing, you’ll want to make sure all walkways and hard surfaces are spotless as well. Power washing utilizes a high-pressure stream of boiling water to blast away dirt, grime, spots, and any stuck-on particles such as mold, mud, or algae. It can help restore color to bricks, stones, and concrete, and give it a fresh, new appearance.

Hire A Trustworthy Professional

To achieve a total summer deep clean, you should opt to hire a professional commercial cleaning crew. An experienced team, such as Eastern Services, will have the knowledge, leading technology, and advanced techniques to get your office in shape and ready for the return of employees and clients. What’s more, set up a routine schedule to have the crew ensure your office space is looking its best all year round. Get in touch with Eastern Services today to request a free cleaning quote!