How to Be Sure Your Office Cleaner is Properly Disinfecting

8 Tips for Using Office Cleaner Disinfectants to Stop Spreading Germs Offices have highly-trafficked hot spots where the passing of germs happens more easily. Unfortunately, these surfaces are not always cleaned as often as they should be. Creating a healthy work environment will allow employees to do their work more efficiently, increase productivity, and, of […]

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How to Return to Work and Keep Employee Health in Mind

Return to Work Safely by Following These Cleaning Guidelines If your office space or commercial facility has remained unoccupied during the pandemic, your employees’ health and safety will be vital to starting and maintaining smooth operations. As a business owner, you should implement several health precautions, such as a rotational schedule and updating sick day policies. […]

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Your Summer Clean Up Checklist

4 Essential Janitorial Services for Your Summer Clean Up As spring de-clutter and reorganization season comes to an end, summer brings a wave of deep cleaning. With this change comes an opportunity to safeguard your office’s health and create a fresh, clean slate for your employees. They will feel cared for and appreciated when the […]

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Commercial Janitorial Practices 101

4 Practices Your Janitorial Team Should Be Following As an employer, it’s crucial to hold your commercial cleaning company to high standards, such as advanced techniques, superior results, and overall quality service. Whether you are evaluating a potential hire or your current provider, here’s everything your janitorial team should be getting right. People and processes. […]

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Spring Office Carpet Cleaning

3 Reasons Why Spring is the Season of Office Carpet Cleaning We all know as warm months approach, spring cleaning follows. However, whereas many stop with cleaning out closets and reorganizing underutilized spaces in their homes, this season is also a great time to carry that refreshed spirit into your place of work. After a […]

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Choosing The Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Why The Commercial Cleaning Selection Process Matters Choosing a commercial cleaning service is extremely crucial to an office of any size. The safety of both employees and office data is the most important thing to keep in mind before making any decisions. As it is common for cleaning services to come after hours, you want […]

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